Sunday, December 14, 2008

How did the Egyptians transport water from the Nile?

They used a thing called a shadoof. I know what your thinking what a wired name right? It is a wooden poll with a big rock on one side and on the other side was this thing that looked like a big pitcher. Basically what it did was it would go in the water and pull up water from the river and put it in buckets and then they would take it to there house or shack and use it to drink or wash off. Now what i am wonding is why didn't they just go in the river with the buckets and get water instead of building this thing and wasting time? I think they should have just went in the river with buckets and scope it out oh well i didn't have to do it so i am just glad for that.

What are some dangers of the Nile?

There are many dangers of the Nile river. One of them is alligators. They were a really big threat to Egyptians, because they would tip over the boats. When they did that the Egyptians would lose all of there crops in the boat and some times they would lose there life's too. So the alligators were a very big threat to Egyptians. i'am glad i'am not an Egyptian living back then because personally i don't want my boat to be tipped over and be eatin. But that's just me. And i'am gonna try to keep my distance from all the alligators, or i could take them in as my pets i haven't deiced yet.

What are some uses of the Nile

They didn't have any pluming so the Egyptians used the Nile to bathe them self's. They also used to Nile river for transport. The Egyptians used the Nile to transport there crops from city to city and would sell the crops in other city's to make money. I think this fact is really nasty! they used the Nile for drinking water! Its really gross if you think about it. Because like i said before that they bathed in it and that they drank from it well that's gross because you would be drinking the same water that you bathed in. HOW GROSS! But that's what they had to do cause they needed water and last time i checked there were no Wal-Marts around.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

If it wernt for the nile what would Egypt be like?

There would be no one living there and no one would have ever been able to live there because without the Nile there would be no water for miles and miles. And without that water it would be imposable to live. CRAZY!!! So if the Nile was none existent there would never have been a civilizations in Egypt. That would be really freaky because if there wasn't anyone living in Egypt and all of the stuff like pyramids and all of the history of Egypt wouldn't be there that is so weired that means no parhoes no shadufs no pyramids no crops no nothing. so if the Nile wasn't there Egypt would just be a useless country with tones of sand!

Can the nile river be dangorous?

Well duh it can be dangorous the thing has allagators in it iam so glad that i didnt live back then and in some parts of the nile the currents are so strong that they can drown you some are even stronger than the Colarado rapids thats scary because i have been there and there some pretty strong rapids. I wouldnt want to be throw or be swimming in those currents!

Why do people in egupt need the nile?

Because without the Nile there would be no life there would be no water!! And without water there would be no people and if there wasnt any people there wouldnt be any history!

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