Sunday, December 14, 2008

How did the Egyptians transport water from the Nile?

They used a thing called a shadoof. I know what your thinking what a wired name right? It is a wooden poll with a big rock on one side and on the other side was this thing that looked like a big pitcher. Basically what it did was it would go in the water and pull up water from the river and put it in buckets and then they would take it to there house or shack and use it to drink or wash off. Now what i am wonding is why didn't they just go in the river with the buckets and get water instead of building this thing and wasting time? I think they should have just went in the river with buckets and scope it out oh well i didn't have to do it so i am just glad for that.


  1. i liked the vioce but u need to spell check :-)

  2. hey sam. your blog is really good. i like all the pictures and posts! really good.