Sunday, December 14, 2008

What are some uses of the Nile

They didn't have any pluming so the Egyptians used the Nile to bathe them self's. They also used to Nile river for transport. The Egyptians used the Nile to transport there crops from city to city and would sell the crops in other city's to make money. I think this fact is really nasty! they used the Nile for drinking water! Its really gross if you think about it. Because like i said before that they bathed in it and that they drank from it well that's gross because you would be drinking the same water that you bathed in. HOW GROSS! But that's what they had to do cause they needed water and last time i checked there were no Wal-Marts around.


  1. ueah i dont think they had Wal-Marts back then