Sunday, December 14, 2008

What are some dangers of the Nile?

There are many dangers of the Nile river. One of them is alligators. They were a really big threat to Egyptians, because they would tip over the boats. When they did that the Egyptians would lose all of there crops in the boat and some times they would lose there life's too. So the alligators were a very big threat to Egyptians. i'am glad i'am not an Egyptian living back then because personally i don't want my boat to be tipped over and be eatin. But that's just me. And i'am gonna try to keep my distance from all the alligators, or i could take them in as my pets i haven't deiced yet.


  1. an alligator can tip over a boat? crazy. u need to CAPITALIZE!!!

  2. wow. that is really cool. alligators must be strong!