Thursday, December 11, 2008

If it wernt for the nile what would Egypt be like?

There would be no one living there and no one would have ever been able to live there because without the Nile there would be no water for miles and miles. And without that water it would be imposable to live. CRAZY!!! So if the Nile was none existent there would never have been a civilizations in Egypt. That would be really freaky because if there wasn't anyone living in Egypt and all of the stuff like pyramids and all of the history of Egypt wouldn't be there that is so weired that means no parhoes no shadufs no pyramids no crops no nothing. so if the Nile wasn't there Egypt would just be a useless country with tones of sand!

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  1. haha it probly would be a useless country with a bunch of sand! yeah, there probably wouldn't be much history either :-)